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The project responds to the demands of SC JIDVEI SRL and SC COTNARI SA which identify more problems that they face: biomass by-product resulted in the viticulture activity and the applied technologies (phytosanitary treatment, herbicide and biomass collection) in order to obtain material costs saving, the soil protection and the final product, the grapes, to be less aggressed and, to ensure a high quality of the harvested biomass. SC TEHNOFAVORIT SA Bontida, SC RIELA ROMANIA SRL Bontida and SC PHENALEX SRL Oradea aim to diversify their portfolio by improving/upgrading the existing products or introducing new ones. After analyzing those demands, solutions that are the objectives of the 5 projects of the VINIVITIS complex project were identified: Biomass valorization: ►Energy recovery: bioethanol and/or fuel for the cogeneration–P1 ►Valorization in the cosmetics industry: extracts and 2 products realization: a mouthwash and a tooth paste based on them–P5 Technologies optimization: ►Application modernization to phytosanitary treatment by improving a phytosanitary treatment machinery from TEHNOFAVORIT portfolio -P2 ►New herbicide technology and an ecological thermal weed-killing machine-P3 ►A modern logistics system for biomass collection: it covers the biomass by-product collection chain having in view the energy recovery: harvest + transport + storage + drying + processing, precursory stages of the energy recovery – P4. A National Strategy for superior valorization of the Romanian viticulture potential is proposed. All 5 projects and the resulting products, which will be socio-economic assessed, respect the real possibilities existing at the economic operators. Other VINIVITIS estimated results: 9 new jobs in research activity; 10 patent applications submitted to OSIM; 6 new products and 1 significant improved product; 7 new/significant improved technologies; 10 new methods/significant improved; 22 articles send for publication; 28 communications at scientific events