Science for environment and climate in Romania

21-22 April 2021

The issues of environment and climate changes have become a global concern in the last years, with regional and local particularities. We invite you to learn about, and virtually visit the infrastructure for observing and characterizing the environment using advanced optoelectronic techniques @ INOE.

Romania has invested about 13.5 mil. EUR in the framework of the CEO-Terra project (Research Centre for Environment and Earth Observation) in order to build the necessary capacities for the pan-European research infrastructure ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) and in the same time to increase its contribution to the ground segment of the European Space Agency program for Earth Observation.

Part of the infrastructure financed by the CEO-Terra project supports advanced research on unconventional pollution sources, such as solid waste incineration. One of the most critical urban air quality problems in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, is the frequent incidence of high levels of respirable particles (PM10 / PM2.5).

Join us on 21st of April to see the new and upgraded laboratories, find out about access opportunities at the Magurele centre for Atmosphere and Radiation Studies, and meet our scientists and stakeholders. The workshop will be organized via webex. Please contact nnicol@inoe.ro for details and connection link.

Join us on 22nd of April to learn about solid waste burning effect on ambient air quality in Central and Eastern Europe. The workshop will be organized via webex. Please contact mluminita@inoe.ro for details and connection link.