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SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Certificat A+

Decizia ANCSI 9008/2016


ISO 9001:2008

Tehnology transfer


The Technology Transfer Center was accredited by the National Authority for Scientific Research in 2005 and it desires to represent an ideal partner so as:

  • To identify, for builders and economic agents, the market requirements regarding the technologies, services and products in the fields of environmental protection and instrumentation for assessing and monitoring environmental factors;
  • To identify the market requirements for the medical instrumentation constructors, to make market and feasibility studies, that will lead to the implementation of the instrumentation which is truly needed and will induce a real and significant turnover increase;
  • To provide technology transfer assistance in the field of biofuel production and installations;
  • To provide the producer- designer connexion, in order to elaborate some technologies and systems as well as to draw up and construct some equipments for diversifying and increasing the volume and quality of the agricultural and food production;
  • To help the SMEs in accessing national and international funds through specific programmes.

Simona-Clara Bârsan
Phone: 0264-420590
E-mail: icia@icia.ro

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