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  • (+4)0264-420590


SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Certificat A+

Decizia ANCSI 9008/2016


ISO 9001:2008

LAM – Environmental analysis laboratory

Laboratory for Environmental Analyses (LAM), accreditation with the requests of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 by the Romanian Accreditation Association, RENAR, performs a wide range of chemical analysis from:

  • environment samples (water, soil, air, sludge and vegetation);
  • industrial samples (waste and sludge);
  • food and
  • fuels/biofuels samples: SR EN 14214 (biodiesel) şi SR EN 15376 (bioethanol)More details can be found on our main website: www.analizechimice.ro

LAM performs, at customer’s request, other type of unaccredited analysis by applying appropriate testing methods (ISO, ASTM) or other methods validated in laboratory.

The quality of chemical analysis performed in LAM is assured by obtaining and maintaining RENAR certification and by participating at interlaboratory schemes.

LAM has all the necessary resources for performing quality analyses: acclimatized rooms, high quality reagents/materials, modern equipment and qualified personnel.