Laboratory „Bioenergy-Biomass” is focused on obtaining renewable fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol, and biogas), from biomass and inclusively by-products; realization of technologies and installation for the renewable fuels (biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas) production, and development of advanced processes for the biomass conversion to electricity and heat. It is composed of

  • Laboratory “Renewable energy”, LER, for the elaboration and development of innovative processes for new, modern and cost efficient technologies destined for the superior capitalization of the renewable resources and biofuels obtaining, having in view their large-scale implementation on the market
  • Laboratory for Biofuel Quality Certification, CABIO, for the elaboration and development of some innovative processes dedicated to biofuels quality determination and to perform analyses in order to certify the biofuels quality, according to European standards for biodiesel and bioethanol SR EN 14214 si SR EN 15376.