Contract no: 52 / 2018


Integrated eco-technology for a selective recovery of base and precious metals in Cu and Pb mining by-products




4 – Eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials

Participating institutions

  1. BRGM (France) – Coordinator
  2. National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and rare Metals (Romania)
  3. National R&D Institute in Optoelectronics INOE 2000 (Romania)
  4. Eskisehir Osmangazi University (Turkey)
  5. Romaltyn Mining SRL (Romania)
  6. Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
  7. Team Group Metals (Poland)
  8. AJELIS (France)


The MINTECO project aims to develop an integrated innovative, efficient and ecological technology for the recovery of base (Cu, Pb, Zn) and precious (Au, Ag) metals from Cu and Pb bearing mining waste (CLBM). The project will allow the establishing of a global management methodology to treat historical mining sites and to reduce disposed volumes of metal-bearing waste. The MINTECO project will be tested on a selected case study  on CLMB (3 mining sites identified in Romania, Poland and Turkey) by using pre-concentration methods (mineral processing) to separate non-useful compounds contained in the coarse fractions followed by leaching of concentrated fractions to dissolve all targeted metals and their recovery by innovative techniques (using dedicated synthesized organic molecules, thiosulfates and ionic liquids).  The main steps (pre-concentration/ leaching/ high grade metal recovery) will be studied in detail by research institutes to optimize first relevant process sequences. Then, a global coherent flowsheet will be proposed and the developed technologies will be subsequently validated by the industrial partners (SMEs) in the project at TR>4. Also, a final economic and environmental assessment will be performed. The consortium gathers 8 partners from 4 countries (France, Romania, Poland and Turkey) and is composed of 3 research institutes,1 university, 1 public institution and 3 SMEs with complementary expertise.

Project objective

The global objective of the MINTECO project is the development of an integrated innovative, efficient and ecological technology for the recovery of base and precious metals from copper and lead bearing mining wastes. The project will allow the establishing of a management strategy to treat and reduce disposed volumes of high metal content waste and plans to contribute to the reduction of Europe’s dependence on raw material imports. Also, the project targets the reduction of polluted emissions to air, soil, and water.

Estimated results

  • Report on waste characterization.
  • Methods selected for selective extraction of Au and Ag from waste.
  • Experimental results on Au and Ag selective extraction method.
  • Experimental results on Au and Ag electrochemical separation method.
  • Separation and recovery procedure for Au and Ag.
  • Laboratory technology project for Au and Ag recovery.
  • Environmental impact study of Au and Ag recovery technology.
  • Communication – international conference.
  • Optimized Au and Ag separation and recovery method.
  • Laboratory technology for Au and Ag recovery.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of the recovery technology.
  • Article (sent for publication).
  • Communication (international conference).
  • Assessment study on the recovery technology.
  • Minute of consortium meetings.

Project start 01/05/2018

Project end 30/04/2021

Project duration 36 months

Number of involved institutions (Romanian): 3



National funds 321085,00 RON

Co-financing 0,00 RON

EC funds: 88217,00 RON

Total project budget: 409502,00 RON


Project manager
CSI Dr. Erika Levei
Str. Donath nr. 67, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail: erika.levei@icia.ro; icia@icia.ro
Tel/Fax: +40 264 420590 / +40 264 420667