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BIONEC project aims the development and use of a new biological product to ensure effective control of both the main toxigenic fungi and fungi that influence the quality parameters of wheat kernels.

OBJECTIVES General objectives:

  1. Developing a biofungicide unconventional method of treatment,
  2. Study the behavior and influence on wheat diseases.

Specific objectives:

  1. Realization method of obtaining biofungicide unconventional cereals seed treatment used to combat major toxigenic fungi,
  2. Realization of unconventional biofungicide cereals seed treatment used to combat major toxigenic fungi,
  3. Development and production of unconventional BIONEC cereals seed treatment used to combat major toxigenic fungi, impact on quality,
  4. Testing the efficacy of seed before sowing,
  5. Product efficiency tested under field conditions,
  6. Demonstration utility and product functionality and methods, partial results dissemination,
  7. Results dissemination,
  8. Young researchers training.
DESCRIPTION In agriculture it is currently pursuit the growth of the quality by increasing biological protection in order to eliminate toxic and polluting chemical pesticides. In an attempt to reduce the use of chemicals to control main plant pathogens had been developed safer alternative that does not have negative consequences on the environment, humans and on animals and that is part of the sustainable agriculture concept, this involving the rational and integrated control of plant diseases.

Due to the fact that in our country the cereal seeds are chemically treated and there aren’t any biological products for the control of seed diseases by developing and implementing a biological product this project responds to the urgent need of existence on the market of a commercial product to be used especially by farmers who want the creation or conversion to organic farming system (sustainable). Also because biological products are applied only preventive their effectiveness increase only when they are combined with a conventional fungicide. To improve the efficiency of the biological product without conventional fungicide application in the obtaining technology of BIONEC in addition to plant extracts will be introduced also mycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus that are recognized for their role to induce in plants an increased resistance to pathogens, an more easily overcoming of the stress conditions (drought, solar radiation) as well as achieving cultures with high efficiency of production.

The research project BIONEC aims to obtain an unconventional biofungicides for the treatment of cereals kernels used in the control of main toxigenic fungi, a protocol to achieve unconventional biofungicides cereals seed treatment used to combat the major toxigenic fungi, an appropriate method application of this type of treatment, with impact on quality and to study the behaviour and influence on wheat diseases.

Because most of biofungicides tests were performed in vitro or in greenhouses and there are not known the effects of treatment products applied to the seeds, on the plant throughout the growing season, in this project will tested also the effectiveness of seed treatment with the biological product, in field conditions. This will be quantified by the presence or absence of foliar and ear diseases as well as the quality of the production obtained.

  • are the obtaining of a biological product to combat diseases of wheat seed that will be placed in the integrated control of cereal diseases scheme, for obtaining higher agricultural productions with higher quality parameters, the replacing chemicals used in plant protection especially for the seed manufacturers or farmers that want to transition from traditional agriculture to sustainable agriculture.
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