DESCRIPTION SC Agro Transilvania has an import role in de regional development because it is a center for marketing for local producers. By extending the sorting line of fruits and vegetables the company can provide the conditions needed to conduct fair trade, with maximum food safety and security, as well as ensuring the provision in the county of Cluj and neighboring areas, of agro-food products in a wide range and with a better quality. Modernization of sorting requires a sustained research activity that the company cannot ensure by their staff; USAMV and ICIA partners will ensure that the undertaken objective of the project which is the modernization of the applied technological process of sorting for recoup will be accomplish. The objectives are to extend the capacity of the sorting line of fruits and vegetables, a modern technology acquired by SC Transilvania Cluj Agro Centre in order to increase performance and competitiveness of the company using existing expertise in USAMV Cluj-Napoca and INCDO-INOE2000, ICIA Branch, Cluj Napoca and strengthen practical training of USAMV master and doctoral students at the company by increasing cooperation between universities, research centers and the economic environment. The project is divided into 4 stages: Stage 1 Industrial Research where the needs for the modernization of sorting vegetables and fruits from CAT Cluj will be identified, Stage 2 of industrial research and experimental development that will achieve the CALIPSO modular system prototype and the master and PhD students practice will undergo, Stage 3, experimental development where the validation of the CALIPSO modular prototype will be done and the practice evaluation of master and PhD students, Phase 4 of the project is management and dissemination.
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