• Promotion of biofuels and other fuels application for Romanian transportation have to accept the requirements of Kyoto protocol. The promotion campaign follows:
    • Public acknowledge regarding the multiple advantages of biofuels and other renewable fuels usage for the following domains: environment, agriculture, economy, transportation and health;
    • The development of public-private partnership for optimizing the application of national legislation harmonized with UE legislation in the energy-fuels field;
    • Small farmers acknowledge regarding the opportunity of producing small capacity plant to obtain biofuels;
    • The development of public-private partnership is aimed; personalities from scientific world and representatives of national biodiesel producing and sale units will participate at conferences and interactive broadcasts.
DESCRIPTION The project originates from an objective necessity, having in view the adherence of Romania to EU and the assuming of the involved tasks. A correct information campaign of the population regarding the application of biofuels is absolutely necessary. This campaign has in aim the use, at large scale, of biofuels and the population awareness regarding their use, which does not imply only costs but also benefices:

  • a cleaner air which will be reflected in reducing the health budgets (by the decrease of the diseases caused by the environment quality, especially the respiratory ones);
  • possibility to create new jobs (the production of biofuels, the construction of biofuels installation, service, biofuel quality certification);
  • solving the waste problems: biogas obtaining;
  • possibility of multiple uses of by-products.

This campaign will inform the population about the real benefices of biofuels implementation. Its thematic and approached subjects will evidence that:

  • the biofuels are alternative ecological products which lead to the substantial improvement of the environment quality;
  • the law makes nothing alone:

• the citizens play an important role regarding the improvement of the environment quality;
• a more active participation of all citizens to the “citadel life” is required;
• an individual behavior which will lead to environment quality improvement is needed;

  • the durable development is not just a theoretical concept but also an instrument to approach and solve the problems risen by the economic and social development, the Transportation division being a basic component of the society development;
  • the modern technologies and the use of ecologic alternative products increases the industrial division productivity, are more efficient and, in time, less expensive;
  • better quality and more efficient waste management decrease the production and maintenance costs;
  • cases of respiratory affections can be considerably reduced (due to the air quality improvement).
  • Promotion materials (brochures, CDs, banners, posters, web page);
  • Debby conference;
  • Interactive broadcasts;
  • Workshop;
  • Trained personal in the subject of biofuels.
Period: Sept. 2007 – Dec. 2007

“ The national context of biofuels, according to EU standard”1. Stage objective:

  • Analysis of existing potential of biomass for biofuel production, assuming duties in the post-adherence perspective and adoptionof the acquis communautaire;
  • Cost – benefit analysis;
  • Consultations with stakeholders.

2. Expected results to attain stageobjective:

  • Analysis of tasks assigned following the integration;
  • Identification andc onsultations with stakeholders;
  • Identification of existing potential (agricultural technology);
  • New revenue opportunities in rural areas;
  • Trade opportunities identified.
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