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SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

Certificat A+

Decizia ANCSI 9008/2016


ISO 9001:2008


The mission of ICIA subsidiary consists in: research, design and execution of analytic laboratory equipments and also elaboration of analytical methodologies for a vast range of samples. Along with the institute development and according to the research request in different areas, the attention was extended towards environmental, health, technological modernization and clean technologies programs.
INCDO-INOE 2000 ICIA is certified for research activities, according to HG 551/2007 and OG 57/2002 and by ANCS decision no. 9634/14.04.2008 of Consultative College for Research Development and Innovation.

The ICIA activity is certified according to ISO 9001-2006 (are implemented in the quality documents – Certified BVQI 197846).
The Institute has a remarkable endowment that corresponds to the multidisciplinary character of research, design and specific execution of its working teams. It allows the approach of research projects from research stage to technological transfer.

Activity Field

  • Research – Development: in environmental, health, clean technologies, bioenergy, biomass, spectrometry, multifunctional materials and analytical instrumentation areas.
  • Chemical analysis services, by:
    • Laboratory of Environmental Analysis, LAM, certified by RENAR (certificate no. 352-L). In LAM were implemented the documents of Quality System according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005;
    • Laboratory for biofuel quality certification, CABIO, which is to be certified;
    • Laboratory of control of chemical residues in food, REZALIM.
  • Technological transfer: activity materialized with the foundation of Technologic Transfer Center CENTI-ICIA, certified (ANCS Decision no. 9129/02.11.2005).


Area of competence:

  • Environment and health: evaluation of environmental factors, evaluation of environment quality, bioremediation methods and techniques, environment protection, methods and techniques of environment monitoring, methods and techniques of identifying the chemical residues in food, modern techniques applied in the evaluation and control of food freshness;
  • Bioenergy, biomass: obtaining of 1st and 2nd generation biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol, biobenzines, biogas – technologies and plants); certifying and attesting the biofuels quality;
  • Spectrometry and analytical instrumentation: methods and instrumental techniques applicable in environmental factors evaluation; development of instruments for the evaluation of environmental factors;
  • Research projects management;
  • Evaluation of environmental factors – chemical analysis;
  • Biofuels quality;
  • Multifunctional materials: advanced materials (nanomaterials, nanocomposites) and biopolymers;  nanocomposite materials with antibacterian and self-cleaning properties; innovative eco-friendly building materials.

CENTI has as a mission the support of the business environment in order to increase its economic competitiveness, the innovation degree and level of retechnologisation/ advanced technologies transfer.

The activity fields of CENTI are the following:

  • Environment protection;
  • Bioenergy, biomass, alternative fuels;
  • Agriculture – Food;
  • Medical equipments.

Area of competence

  • Technical Assistance and technology transfer for benefit of SME’s working in CENTI’s activity fields;
  • Elaboration of studies for the restructuration, retechnologisation and modernization of SMEs in the activity field of CENTI;
  • Market and feasibility studies;
  • Assistance in the elaboration of project proposals in the frame of European founding programs;
  • Support and representation of SMEs during brokerage events;
  • Support regarding the identification of business partners from Romania or from abroad, as well as the identification of possible investors;
  • Carrying out partnerships that facilitate the contact between specialists/ research groups/university groups and SMEs support in accomplishing national and international partnerships for the participation in national or European project competitions;
  • Organization of events on themes related to communitary information, participation in European projects competitions, innovation and intellectual property.
  • Specialized training of CENTI’s staff;
  • Information and consultancy concerning policies, programs and Community’s legislation;
  • Consultancy in the field of intellectual property;
  • Transnational partnerships between SMEs in the same area with extensions at national and international level;
  • Stimulating the involvement of different organizations in order to form regional clusters according to the activity areas;
  • Information, training and support for SMEs to implement CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – the social responsibility system;
  • Elaboration of studies regarding the science and technology development in CENTI’s activity fields.