Mobility projects for researchers PN-III-P1-1.1-MC-2019-1980 (Hungary, Martonvasar)
13/10/2019 – 26/10/2019
Domain: Applied life sciences and Biotechnologies (10. Ştiinţele vieţii aplicate şi Biotehnologii)

The aim of the project is to participate in a training course to learn new techniques to investigate direct and indirect oxidative stress on plant growth and development by determining enzyme activities, metabolite content in the ascorbate-glutathione cycle and redox-dependent mechanisms at the level of expression genetics in wheat and maize at the germination stage compared to Arabidopsis as a control plant. The internship will take place at the Agricultural Institute, HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research Agricultural Institute in Hungary, located in Martonvásár. The internship is designed for two weeks (October 2019) and will take place under the guidance of Dr. Kocsy Gábor.

The mobility project offers the opportunity to develop knowledge regarding the defense mechanisms on direct (redox) and indirect (low temperature, cadmium) oxidative stress at the level of enzymatic activities in the ascorbate-glutathione cycle and genetic expression in crop plants (wheat and corn).

The general objectives: i) investigation/identification of the function of genes and metabolites selected from the metabolism of cultivated plants (wheat and corn); ii) development of new methods of extraction and characterization of enzymatic activities, iii) the development of new methods for determining the content of metabolites in the ascorbate-glutathione cycle and mechanisms dependent on redox processes at the level of genetic expression; iv) collaboration with a group of specialists from the HUN-REN Centre for Agricultural Research Agricultural Institute, with expertise in plant molecular biology; v) new research direction possibilities for the study of the development and response of plants to direct or indirect stress, to improve the stress tolerance of crops.